South Dakota’s driver license and ID cards are getting a new look. Changes include the name they give to the license itself.

Rather than being called an Operator License, the title on the card will now actually say what we've all been calling it anyway, Driver's License.

Another feature that will quickly draw attention to those who have chosen to donate their organs is a red heart in the lower right corner of the license, next to the word donor.

Also changed is the current solid gold star on federally compliant licenses and IDs.  The star will now be white in a goldcolored circle. The  new style meets the new federal REAL ID guidelines in using the license or card for such activities as commercial air travel.

“The changes will increase the readability of the license and the card,” says Jane Schrank, director of the state Driver Licensing program. “It has been several years since we changed the style or lettering so we thought it was a good time to make the upgrades.”

The changes are being made as new driver’s license issuance equipment is being installed in exam stations statewide.

Changes will start in Pierre first, and then change as new equipment is shipped and set up at exam stations across South Dakota.

Schrank reminds people that they have 180 days prior to the expiration date to renew their license.

For information about online renewal or what documents are needed for a license renewal and a list of exam stations, visit their website.

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