Two of my favorite things about my job is:

1) I get to spend the day listening to the greatest Country Music ever recorded, the artists I grew up with from Buck to Johnny, Conway to George, Garth to Alan.

and 2) Every now and then I stumble across an artist or artist's that are new to me and are still keeping it Country, not trying to capture the rock audience as well.

That's the case with these guys.

Last year I first heard a song called 'The Dash'.  I like to listen to songs without looking at who the artist is.  I think that way I'm not influenced by 'who it is', but by 'what it sounds like'.  I know there's a lot of places that wouldn't play Branch and Dean because they don't have 'a name'.  I think some places would rather play a bad song by a name artist than a good song by someone they haven't heard of.

Anyway, 'The Dash' was one of those songs where, I'm doing some other work, I have music on and....what's that??  You know, you kind of stop, turn your head and listen.  We played 'The Dash' on KXRB and got great response.

I decided to check these guys out.  Turns out they're from the Jacksonville, Florida area, and now live and work out of Nashville.

So give 'The Dash' a view and a listen and let me know what you think.

So the question is, could they 'follow that up', or would they disappear?  Well, the answer is in.

KXRB and is now playing another great Branch and Dean single called 'Glad She's No Angel'.  Here's the guys in a radio studio with an acoustic version of it.

Tune in and listen for full single.  And thanks Steve and Marlon, Branch and Dean, for making us stop....listen...and like!