Ahhh...first dates.  There's always something exciting and yet totally scary about them.  For one, you're about to meet someone that could ultimately be an important part of your life. A first date can also be a nerve-racking experience because you want to do and say everything perfectly.

When it comes to first dates, the outfit and the type of restaurant are always the toughest decisions of the night.  You of course want to look your best, and it’s always a plus to know a little information about where you will be dining. This way you already know what to order and what to expect.

The advice is simple: AVOID THESE 10 FOODS AT ALL COST. Spoon University says these first date forbidden foods could potentially save you in the long run.

Do you remember any first dates you've had?  Based on your first date experiences, what food or drink do you recommend avoiding?

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