I remember going to a movie at the State Theatre, back in 1984. I have no recollection of the movie, but I remember the theatre itself was beautiful. Run down, but beautiful. It closed in 1991 due to lack of business and the overall deterioration of downtown Sioux Falls.

Built in 1925, it hosted some of the most popular vaudeville acts in the country and even held a world-premiere of a movie (The Last Hunt) filmed in South Dakota. In 2001 the State was purchased by a group with the intent of bringing it back to life. Ever since then, organizers and devoted community members have been working fulfill that mission.

Now the Sioux Falls State Theatre Company (the non-profit group tasked with renovating the State) and Great Plains Sponsorships (a Sioux Falls-based marketing company) have teamed up to sell naming rights for the State Theatre. If you have a cool $5.5 million laying around, you could have the naming rights all to yourself.

That is the amount of capital they are saying it will take to finally get the grand old State Theatre open. So much work has already been accomplished from a new marquee to the completely renovated lobby, foyer, main floor restrooms, and basement. It would be fantastic if it could finally be finished and re-open sometime in the next year.

If you would like to see your name in lights call Ryan Querry at 1-402-657-8170. For more information on this grand theatre see Sioux Falls State Theatre.


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