Come on Royals, win the next two games and take the World Series. San Francisco leads the best of seven series 3 games to two.

Game six is Tuesday night in Kansas City. And if our prayers are answered, there will be a seventh game Wednesday night In Kansas City.

We are talking a five hour drive down I-29 from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. How often do we get a chance to drive to the World Series.

My friend Randy McDaniel and I have always wanted to go to the series. And God knows we aren't getting any younger.

He told me he would line up the couple days off work, the car and scope out some eating places, watering holes and so on. I went to work on getting us some tickets.

First, I called Kauffman Stadium and asked to buy tickets for the big games. I explained that we wanted good seats right up close. The lady I talked to was holding back her laughter as she told me: 'Sorry pal, it's sold out.'

That didn't stop me. I'm a computer savvy son of a gun. I went online checking things that came up like and

Now, I have never done business with these mentioned sites nor do I know anything about them other than that they came up in my search.

I also don't quite understand why they have thousands of tickets available and the Royals don't have any. But they've got the tickets we need.

One of the sources said they could put Randy and me right behind the Royals dugout Tuesday night for $1253.00 per seat. And if, I say if, there's a decisive game seven on Wednesday, we want to see it.

The source told me the price was not yet available, but just plan on paying double for the exact same seats the very next night. I've heard of price increases, but I feel that's a bit harsh.

We sat down and added up the ticket prices, gas, food and longnecks. Oh', and we need a hotel. And for Heaven's sake, we aren't coming home without souvenirs.

For ten grand, we're headed for the series. The only thing we've got to do is figure out how we are going to pay for it.


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