Sioux Falls police responded to calls coming in to 911 from witnesses who saw two men in a fist fight, and one of the men threatening the other with a gun.

Sioux Falls Police Department Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says the incident took place at 3:30 PM Wednesday, (November 14) near Target on South Louise in Sioux Falls.

Police spotted the gunman a few blocks away, who started to run and threw the gun before ducking into another business. The suspect was apprehended, his gun was found, and it had an altered serial.

18-year-old Amir Hasan Deaudion Jr, from Sioux Falls, was arrested and charged with fleeing police, felony possession of a gun with an altered serial number and no conceal carry permit.

Authorities do not know why the two were fighting or the identity of the other man. Clemens says the man involved in the altercation can contact police and provide information.

Further details and tips can also be provided by the public to police directly or anonymously through crime stoppers.

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