There's nothing quite like watching a good baseball game underneath the summer sun while sipping on a cold beer and enjoying a ballpark hot dog.

It's a sure sign that we've turned the corner from winter into spring and summer. So have you ever wondered just how many hot dogs are eaten during baseball season?

According to the Hot Dog and Sausage Council, which is part of the American Meat Institute, baseball fans this year will consume more than 19 million hot dogs.

Which fans consume the most? Los Angeles Dodger fans eat the most hot dogs, three million last year alone - enough to round the bases at Dodger Stadium 5,952 times.

The Colorado Rockies rank second, followed by the Texas Rangers, the Chicago Cubs, the Cleveland Indians and the St. Louis Cardinals.

The San Francisco Giants are #1 in the amount of sausages consumed. The St. Louis Cardinals are ranked second, followed by the Chicago Cubs.

And one other baseball trivia note, the Milwaukee Brewers are the only Major League Baseball team that sells more sausages than hot dogs.

As far as new hot dog flavors, the Texas Rangers might have come up with this year's most creative: The Dilly Dog. It's a cored out pickle stuffed with a jumbo beef hot dog.

Some of the other "rookie" dogs this year include: The Spec-Tator, the Ode To Detroit Dog, the Triple Play Dog, the Bacon Fried Doggy - just to name a few.

The entire list of new 2018 hot dog flavors, and which ballparks they're being served at, can be found at the Hot Dog and Sausage Council website.


Source: Major League Baseball, Hot Dog and Sausage Council, American Meat Institute

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