We are in for some colder temperatures, even some wet weather for the next few days. And if you're like me, you immediately start craving what's known as comfort foods.

You know, the stuff that tastes good and just makes you feel good. Just smelling the aroma in the kitchen makes me happy.

And it's not just you and me, it's everybody. I'll bet when I get to the store today, the shelves that have chili making ingredients are going to be a little bare.

The tomato soup shelves will have some empty slots. And I bet there will be plenty of grilled cheese sandwiches made by home chefs tonight.

So why does cold weather trigger these cravings? According to University of Georgia's Dr. Emma Laing, Clinical Associate Professor and Director of Dietetics, colder weather can create biological changes that make us want to eat more.

Dr. Laing said. "When the temperature drops it's natural that we would want to crave foods that provide us warmth. Oftentimes the foods we choose in the winter months are higher in sugar and fats than we would otherwise consume."

Plus, I think we tend to feel gloomy with less daylight hours. That, along with the cold, can make one feel a little depressed. It does me anyway. And good comfort food is the medicine to turn that around.

That's why our pants fit tight by Spring and loose by Fall.

Source: NBC Atlanta

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