One of my favorite food items are deviled eggs. They usually put them out on a plate with the intention of everybody at the party having one.

I immediately feel tempted to just take the whole plate. To me, I look at them as a main course more than just an appetizer.

Or at least, for Heaven's sake, let's make it one of my side dishes. Did I just say Heaven?

That leads me to this. How can anything so heavenly, be associated with the Devil himself? Why are they called deviled eggs in the first place?

The term "deviled", in reference to food, was a common term in the 1700's. It pertained to spicy or zesty foods.

When eggs were prepared in the way we are talking about, a healthy amount of mustard and pepper was used. They became popular and got their name around 1786 here in the U.S.

However, the actual recipe can be traced much earlier in many countries. There is also evidence of the dish being served in ancient Rome.

Back to the "Devil" part of it, they actually have avoided calling these eggs by their given name in many church lunch rooms. I really can't blame them!

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