For some reason, there are people have more money than you could ever imagine. What are they going to do with all that doe?

Or better yet, how did they get all that money in the first place? I mean, it makes me wonder. I've been working non stop all my life and done well for myself and most importantly, for my family.

But I don't have millions of dollars like some do. And there are people that have not just millions, but they are into the billions of dollars.

Again I ask, how did they come upon this amount of cash. First, let's find out who we are talking about.

We will turn to a list that Forbes put together from their coast to coast research. They determined who the richest person was in each state.

The answers on how these people acquired their wealth varied from inheritance to making it in various industries.

South Dakota's richest person is T. Denny Sanford at $2.5 billion. He made his money in banking and credit cards. See entire list.


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