In this political election year we're all familiar (and have beaten over the head) with the terms 'Red State' and 'Blue State', not to mention the 'Battleground State's.'

Here in South Dakota? Well, in Presidential elections we're just about as red as they come. The last time South Dakota went 'Blue' was back in 1964 when the state (like most of the country) voted for the Democrat Lyndon Johnson and not the Republican Senator Barry Goldwater.

And of course, we have two Republican Senators as well as a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives. And the office of South Dakota Governor?

Well, that's been red a long, long time.

When I first moved to South Dakota back in May of 1974 (get ready for it) unbelievable but true...South Dakota had a Democrat in the Governor's chair! Dick Kneip was South Dakota's head man from January of 1971 until July of 1978. Kneip went on to become the U.S. Ambassador to Singapore. When he left the Governorship of South Dakota, the job went to his Lieutenant Governor Harvey Wollman.

Born in Frankfort, South Dakota, and graduating from Doland High School, Wollman, now 85 years young, earned his B.A. degree from Huron College.

Working his way up the South Dakota political ladder, Wollman was South Dakota's Governor for a little over 5 months, from July of '78 until the first of January, 1979. He was succeeded by Bill Janklow.

And, as of now, he is a South Dakota last.

The last Democrat that South Dakota has had as their Governor.

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