Didn't you just love Saturday morning's as a kid.  No school, just get a bowl of Wheaties (or Cheerios or Fruit Loops), sit on the floor in front of that huge, heavy tube TV and turn on the set.

And wait.  And wait.  Nope, not yet...wait for it...wait for it...

Yes, there it is!!

The little white dot became a full fledged beautiful black and white picture!

And the cartoons, good golly, they were on both channels!

There were the all time favorites of course, from Popeye to Porky Pig to Mickey Mouse.  Then there were the, ah, well the ones that kind of came and went in something of a hurry.

Who remembers Hector Heathcote?

He was a Terrytoons character that ran for 2 years beginning in 1963 (and I'm sure re-runs since).

Hector was a scientist, you see, who was soooo smart he invented a time machine and traveled back to the Revolutionary War.  A hero? Well...ok, if you say so.

Even though ol' Hector only ran for two years, there were toys and, of course, lunchboxes.  But as I recall, a Hector Heathcote lunchbox was near as cool as The Flintstones or Roy Rogers.

But hey, he was a cartoon, so he was cool.

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