Two of them had birthdays, one right after the other. Grandkids, I mean. Yessir, Bennet turned twelve big ones, and his cousin Kenna isn't far behind, having hit eleven with no trouble at all. And with that, it was time to head to Cornhusker Country to celebrate.

We all met on a farm near Clarkson, Nebraska. We pulled out of Sioux Falls, hit I29, and off we went. Our Smartphone informed us we actually had three choices for the drive, and the one we chose brought us to Vermillion, then south (yeah, even I knew Nebraska was just south of Vermillion). Meandering along, turning here and there, around this curve and that one and bingo...Clarkson. And bucking that 40 MPH south...breeze...the whole way. I thought South Dakota was windy, but apparently the wind doesn't start at the border.

We had a great family birthday celebration, grilling and presents, and cake to boot. I spent the night, and then time to head back to the big town. This time we thought, hey, this other option is a few miles shorter, let's try that option our Smartphone is giving us.

Dumb Phone.

As it happens, the shorter route doesn't necessarily mean the quicker route.

Do you know that highway that goes east out of Wayne, Nebraska? The one that eventually gets you to Sioux City? It's a fine highway, a beautiful highway. And a highway that's having some pretty major construction done to it. The kid of construction that requires stopping and waiting for a 'leader car' to come and lead you on through the one open lane...twice.

Well, that's OK, we're in no big hurry. We'll just sit here and I'll find a game on the...

Oh. Yeah.

But it's all good. Hey, at least I wasn't out in the 90+ degree heat with that 35 MPH wind. Bless you, folks that are, and stay safe!

So we made it back just fine. And guess what?

The wind was blowing.

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