Most of us had made a road trip between these two states at some point in our lives, so you may already have your own bias. But according to a recent study, one of these states is far superior to the other regarding its road conditions.

Consumer Affairs recently released its "Worst Roads in America" list. While Iowa and Minnesota avoided the bottom; one state clearly outshined the other, giving it some of the very best roadways in the entire U.S.

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According to the list, here are the ten best states for roads in the United States:

  1. New Hampshire
  2. Minnesota
  3. Vermont
  4. Alabama
  5. Idaho
  6. Kansas
  7. Florida
  8. Georgia
  9. Nevada
  10. Indiana

As you can see, The Land of Ten Thousand Lakes made it all the way to the number two spot on the list.

What Makes Minnesota Among the Best in the U.S.?

Chuck Wood
Chuck Wood

Is the Land of 10,000 Lakes as friendly to motorists as it is to aquatic creatures and canoeists? According to recent data from the Tax Policy Center, Minnesota spends $952 per capita on its highways (the U.S. average is $616) per year. Its International Roughness Index for urban roads is the lowest in the country, coming in at just under 5%.

Consumer Reports Website

But what about the Hawkeye State? According to Consumer Affairs, its ranking is less than desired, as it currently holds the 40th position on the list.

What Do Iowans Say About Their Roads?

Credit: Dave Hoefler via Unsplash
Credit: Dave Hoefler via Unsplash

According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, Iowa has more miles of publicly maintained roads than the 50 states’ total interstate miles. It also has 1,461 bridges “made primarily of wood and currently open to traffic” — and wooden bridges are more susceptible to insect infestations or rot.  Put simply by a driver from Waterloo: The state has a “lot of bad streets and bridges.”

Consumer Reports Website

In case you're wondering which state has the worst roads, the current holder of that spot is the state of Hawaii, which got a D-plus grade on its most recent report card.


Story Source: Consumer Affairs Website

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