A simple, interactive map shows you exactly how close recently busted meth labs are to your address. Many Iowans will be shocked by how many homemade labs have been unearthed in the Hawkeye State.

According to a recent article published by Iowa State Daily, meth use in Iowa is 19% higher than in the rest of the United States, and over 10% higher than in surrounding states.

With meth use still raging at a staggering rate, this helpful map will tell you exactly where some of the biggest and worst meth labs have been discovered in your area.

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Credit: KCCI via YouTube
Credit: KCCI via YouTube

You can find the map on the Rehabs Website, where you simply enter your zipcode or city, and you can instantly see the results of where recently busted meth labs are in your neck of the woods.

If you look at the entire state of Iowa, a total of 676 clandestine meth labs were found in Iowa.

If you enter your address the map will show you exactly how far you are from a busted meth lab. For example, I entered my home address, and low and behold a lab was busted only a quarter mile from where I grew up!

You can try it for yourself at the Rehabs Website.

Also, check out the YouTube video below from KCCI to see just how bad the meth problem in Iowa has been in recent years.

Story Sources: Iowa State Daily Website, Rehabs Website

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