Some people love them, others don't. Roundabouts are meant to ease traffic delays and keep the flow going. Did you know Sioux Falls has five roundabouts?

There are certain intersections in and around the city of Sioux Falls that have their share of daily traffic snarls. And, to help move things along, and to lower your blood pressure, the City of Sioux Falls began installing roundabouts several years ago.

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With the continued growth of the Sioux Empire, a roundabout was constructed west of Sioux Falls Christian High School at the intersection of 69th & Southeastern Avenue. You will find another on your way to Bakker Crossing Golf Course at 271st Street & Louise Avenue. In the northwest part of the city, North Career Avenue at University Center has one.

But, two more exist. These two are sort of hidden, and not on a main thoroughfare.

Just off Highway 11 and East 18th Street, you will discover #4 at 1211 S Darryl Pl, GLo Best Western at Dawley Farms.

And then north of the Flying J Travel Center at Granite Lane and Granite Court next to the Quality Inn & Suites.

Now, you won't see a roundabout at the intersection of West 41st Street and I-29 when it's rebuilt. That will be a Diverging Diamond. When completed in the next two years I'm sure you will agree that the roundabout will still get the lower rating.


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