In the last US Census it was estimated that South Dakota has a population just over 865,000 people. Overall, South Dakota's population is expected to continue it's upward trend, especially in urban areas.

If you look into the future, is there a time when South Dakota may hit the million people mark? According to some predictions, it will be by mid-century.

The Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service, Demographics Research Group says that the 605 will pass a million residents by 2040. They project populations of 900,612 in 2020; 995,219 in 2030; and 1,076,362 in 2040.

Another group, ProximityOne, says the South Dakota will be nearing a million (934,015) by 2030.

Numbers from South Dakota State University and reported by the South Dakota Department of Labor show that South Dakota could be within sight of one million (977,573) by 2035.

Another projection doesn't have South Dakota nearing the million mark until at least 2100.

It looks like South Dakota is looking at continued growth throughout the rest of this century, especially the cities. In fact, The City of Sioux Falls projects that by 2035, the Sioux Falls area will be nearing half-a-million residents (422,608).

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