It really is amazing how much can change within a year. During the pandemic, people wanted to hit the open road to experience new adventures. Now...people are doing whatever they can to stay off the roads. However, this situation has nothing to do with the COVID-19 pandemic.

South Dakota AAA recently released a new study that shows that nearly half of South Dakota motorists are driving less. Why? The gas prices are literally driving people off the roads.

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South Dakota AAA surveyed South Dakota and discovered that "48% of them say they have changed their daily driving habits because of gas prices." Since early May, most gas prices around the country have been over $3.00.  South Dakota's gas prices have been above $3.00 since the start of June. Lately, South Dakota drivers have been experiencing gas prices hovering around $3.25 a gallon.

This is mainly because crude oil prices are increasing. However, with the news of the new Omicron variant, gas prices have dropped or at least have remained steady.

There has to be some way to save money on gas, right? Well, believe it or not, South Dakota AAA provides tips on ways to keep a little extra gas money in your pocket. Some tips include:

  • Slowing down and driving the speed limit.
  • Remove any unnecessary and bulky items from your car.
  • Avoid using premium fuel because there really isn't any benefit to this practice. Unless your car manufacturer recommends it, stick to the regular fuel.

Higher gas prices are just frustrating in general. Hopefully, these tips from South Dakota AAA will encourage drivers to get back on the road!

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