Living where we live, we know sometimes winter can be brutal (I'm looking at you, polar vortex), yet other winters can be fairly mild. But what about the year you were born?

All of us have memories of what our childhood winters were like. But, unless you've been shown photographs or family members have told you stories about your first winter, you may not know much about it at all.  Now, a website has made a detailed list of what each and every winter was like, from 1921 to the present.

Stacker has looked at every year for the past one hundred years to determine which winters were the most brutal and which were the mildest for Americans.

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For example, I was born in 1983. During that winter, it was cold everywhere. In fact, 1983 was the coldest year on average in U.S. history! The average temperature throughout the United States that winter was 25.47° Fahrenheit. That means, not only was it colder than average here in the midwest, but even in states like California, Arizona, Florida, and even Hawaii, average temperatures were much colder than usual.

Born in 1965? That was the winter of some of the worst ice storms in living memory. 1953? That was one of the warmest years on record. In 1949 the state of Nebraska saw one of the biggest blizzards in its history.

To find out what winter was like in your birth year and what events took place, weatherwise back then, check out the full article from Stacker here.

Story Source: Stacker

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