Mmmmm, smell that? It's hard to choose between Thanksgiving and the Super Bowl. I'm talking food here, not football. Yes, both days are filled with more food than you will ever see at any time of the year. But, if you could choose only one for tonight's dinner, which would it be?

I walked this question around our office today and found that only three people would choose to serve up a Super Bowl spread.

Let's compare: in many homes, both days have the kitchen and dining room space filled with every available dish or container being used. With made-from-scratch smashed potatoes and gravy to homemade guacamole and smoked brisket.

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Given the fact that our weather has now really turned fall-like, the overall choice is turkey.

Most agree that a stuffed turkey and pumpkin pie is the choice, hands down.

There are certainly other holiday fares to consider. Who would pass up an Easter buffet? How about a birthday cake? And, don't forget that Christmas goose.

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