So as I'm sippin' a Grain Belt (in my coffee mug, of course, I'm rather cultured) and meandering around the radio ranch here, I like to start up what I call a titillating and tantalizing conversation with my co-workers (They call it 'bothering' them...a matter of semantics).

So today it was classic Western television shows. Oh, I know, these days you could ride from the Ponderosa to Dodge to Tombstone firing your 6-shooter in every direction and not hit a decent western on the boob tube. At least not anything new for the past 30 years.

But I informed the young 'uns around this palatial Radio Palace, there was a day! Why, i told them with my chest pumped out and a shine on my beautifully sculpted bald head, in 1959 there were 26 Westerns on each week in Prime Time. 26 I said! One of the wet behind the ears types said...

'They had TV in 1959?'

Smart aleck. Not only did we have TV, we had 2 different channels! (3 if the weather was just right).

Anyway, after they sauntered off shaking their heads (something about 'what an old geezer'...I looked around and didn't see one) I got to thinkin' 'Hmm, if I could be any Classic TV Western character, who would it be?  After long and hard thought(I think long and hard about things like this at work) I decided I'd like to be Festus from Gunsmoke.

A cool Dude before we called 'em cool Dude's.

How about you? If you're of a certain age (or still watch 'em on re-runs like I do, thank you), who would you be?

Maybe Lucas McCain from The Rifleman?

via Me TV YouTube

And I'm bettin' a lot of guys would have liked to be Little Joe from Bonanza (because a lot of ladies want to be with him!)

via RikazPonderosy YouTube

And there's lots more, after all Westerns dominated the tube back in the day. Heck, you saw guys that looked just like a young Steve McQueen and a young Clint Eastwood!

So the question is: Who would you be?