For the past week my cat has been looking at me like "Why are you still home? Shouldn't you be at work?". She's blissfully unaware of the crisis going on in the world these days, and maybe there's something we can learn from that?

It's been well documented that pets help us cope with anxiety, depression, and stress. And I think it's safe to say the last month or so has been stressful for all of us. Pet adoption is actually on the rise during the pandemic, as many of us, who might be missing out on bonding with our fellow humans, are turning to cats, dogs, fish, rabbits, and whatever else we can find to keep us company. Well, except Tigers, of course.

beautiful girl with fluffy kitten in her arms

The truth is, we need our fury friends now more than ever. Pets can provide a great distraction, hours of entertainment, and even help us get the exercise we need. So even if your dog or cat is giving you that weird "Why are you still home?" look, they're here to help us all in this crazy time. They just expect a few extra treats out of the ordeal.

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