So I'm motoring home from work yesterday, puttering along (that's what I do when I drive, putter along) and glance down at my dashboard...and saw this on my odometer. Well, that looks odd I thought to myself. I looked twice, three times, then pulled over.

I don't think I've ever seen an odometer that looked, uh, exactly like this. Now, I come from the old school odometer days, before all this digital...stuff. Remember the old rolling odometers? With each mile that past by, it'd roll to the next mile and the next and the next.

But what was this?

And then it hit me (the older I get, the longer it takes things to hit me).  Not long ago I was at a stoplight and happened to notice that my beloved Malibu hit the magic mark, 100,000 miles. Yes, the old' girl has a few years on her, and I love her! Through the years I've had my share of rickety old wrecks (all due to my excellent decision making). There was a 15-year-old bread truck I came to own, a decade or two old Rambler Ambassador that didn't have any paint on it. There were vehicles with air conditioners that didn't work, windows that wouldn't go down (or up), with radio's that were dead (worst of all!). And they all had well over 100,000 miles by the time I became the proud(?) owner.

But my Malibu is one of the best cars I've ever owned, maybe the best. I got her used but with low mileage and there I was at the stoplight with EXACTLY 100,000 miles on the odometer. I should have taken a picture!

Yeah, coulda, woulda, shoulda.

I didn't. But when I saw this unique combination of numbers, I did. And it took me a few looks to figure it out:

101, 010 miles.

Geez, how did I put over a thousand miles on my 'Bu in such a short time? Oh yeah, trip to Omaha to watch the Grandboys plays baseball. And a few short jaunts here and there.

It just looked weird, that spacing on the odometer. 10 10 10.

But I'm hoping me and my car have a long way to go together. I would absolutely love to see something weird like 20 20 20 on her. That would mean she's had a good long life.

And me too.

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