Let's get this out of the way first: The older I get, the slower I drive.

Yes, that's me ahead of you on Western Avenue plugging along. The speed limit is 30, I'm doing exactly 30...and it's driving you nuts.

But believe me, it's better that I've slowed down and for a number of reasons, one of which is the 'ol reflexes aren't quite as quick as they used to be. So please, be patient. And give me a little room.

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Speed limits around South Dakota have gone up some over the decades I've been on the planet. Heck, I'm old enough to remember when the nationwide speed limit was 55. Yep, that was back in '73 and it had nothing to do with safety and everything to do with oil. But that's another story for another day.

Now, it seems like, for a lot of drivers, those speed limit signs you see are nothing more than a suggestion. Get out there on I229 around Sioux Falls and you feel like maybe you've been transported to Daytona or Indianapolis. Cruise up or down Kiwanis at the 30 mph speed limit and see how many other drivers apparently think you're number one.

And then there's motoring down I29 heading to Nebraska to see my kids and grandkids. The South Dakota portion of that trip says the speed limit is 80. Well, that may be the state's speed limit, but my speed limit is a more relaxing 70, thank you very much. Cars and trucks zipping by me? Oh, you betcha, and see ya later.

So I was thinking maybe South Dakota had the highest speed limit in the country/ After all, when I cross over into Minnesota to get my beef jerky from V&M Locker in Leota, the Gopher State has I90 at 70 mph. It's the same in Iowa on I29.

So we must be the fastest-driving state in the nation, right?

Nope. According to this article I saw on cars.com. Texas has a stretch of road at 85. Plus, on average, Texas has the highest speed limits in the whole country. So I guess it's true, everything IS bigger in Texas.

In the meantime, you'll find me in my '08 Malibu meandering around the roads by Wakonda and Tea, Leota and Edgerton, Parker and Baltic. If I'm going slow, it's because I'm looking at stuff.

I like looking at stuff.

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