This morning we were talking about the strange things that people find in their pockets, or in the pockets of those they do laundry for. The photo that started this was one of a doll hand and lots of Kleenex. We took a bunch of calls and texts and here's what our listeners found:

I once was at my moms and borrowed a jacket out of her closet and it had a plastic bag of dog 🐶 poop 💩 in the pocket. Thank god it was not fresh and she had tiny dogs


We went to lunch after partying the night before. My friend pulled out a wad of cash and an empty condom wrapper fell on the counter. I made sure to speak up and say "oh someone got lucky last night!" So everyone heard.

I bought my daughter 3 pairs of shorts at a rummage sale for a quarter, when she put them on she found $20 in the the pocket of each pair.

Once I was fishing my friend caught a blue gill and later when I came home. I found that same dead blue gill 4 hours later

I work at a daycare and lots of times I find used bandaids in my pocket.

My wife dropped a Tampon from her purse at the mall i picked it up put it in my pocket and found it when she did laundry.


The best thing I found I was cleaning out my apt after my divorce found some of my ex wifes purses decided to go through them and found two $20.00 bills.

I found dead worms in my son's pocket once.

I found a $100 bill in my pocket this morning. Most of the time you're only lucky enough to find a small bill but finding a $100 bill made my week.

U nail, cattle syringe needle (capped), corn chaff, random machine parts. I've learned to shake out his clothes outdoors.

The other day I went to take my wallet out and noticed something odd and yellow along the edge, upon closer inspection I realized it was cheese. I reached into my back pocket and found a day old slice of Kraft singles still in the wrapper that I had put there yesterday after a barbecue. It had both hardened and melted. Butt cheese.

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