Who's bringing home the bacon in your house? It looks like everybody can bring some home, because we have more bacon than we know what to do with right now.

Yes, we have bacon. Lots of it. In fact, over 40 million pounds of pork bellies, the cut used for bacon making, were sitting in refrigerated warehouses as of September 30th. That's the most for the month since 1971.

All this talk about bacon has me thinking about it now. I can actually smell it in the air in my mind.

We love bacon at our house. It wouldn't be a Saturday morning without my wife, son and me having breakfast together. And bacon is a hit with us.

So why do we have so much bacon? There's been an outbreak of African swine fever that's killed millions of pigs.

Because of that, hog farmers are building up supply in anticipation that there will be a huge demand for meat in China.

In recent weeks, China has been importing American pork at record levels. So whoever is bringing the bacon home, better get some now.

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