Super Bowls are exciting from the game itself, the commercials, the parties and the halftime show. Then there's one more thing, any surprises.

Well this year, yes, we had a close, tight low scoring game. But the biggest surprise was for a father and son that were in the grandstand watching the game.

Can you imagine how thrilling it would be to actually attend a Super Bowl and be able to take your eight year old son. That's exactly what one man experienced, and he never would have dreamed it would really happen.

That man was Alfonso Garcia, the L.A Rams team custodian. Rams wide receiver Brandin Cooks presented an all expense paid trip to the big game.

When Garcia was told to report to the general manager's office, he was scared. He thought he was going to get fired. Instead, he got the surprise of a lifetime. Let's watch the video of the touching event:

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