Drivers in Sioux Falls aren't the only people in South Dakota that are dealing with traffic delays due to the construction of a new diverging diamond interchange or DDI. Rapid City is getting in on the action too. Below is a new video from Carsen Bower with South Dakota Drone capturing the work in progress.

The new DDI is under construction at LaCrosse Street and Interstate 90. That's a very busy interchange near the Rushmore Mall and other big box stores and restaurants. I haven't been out that way since this construction started, but I could only imagine how traffic must get backed up during peak drive times.

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The project in Rapid City has been ongoing since 2021 and is scheduled to be completed by June of 2023. The Sioux Falls DDI project is about one year behind Rapid City.

It's easy to get caught up in complaining about the delays that are caused by such a large project. But when the job is done, both Rapid City and Sioux Falls will be left with a more efficient way to enter and exit the interstate.

If you can't wait until the DDI in Sioux Falls or Rapid City is completed to experience what driving through one is like, just head north on I-29 a few hours to Moorhead, MN. They have had a DDI in place for a few years. It's located just as you cross over the state line into Moorhead on Interstate 94 and is seen in the picture below.

DDI Moorhead/Dakota News Now
DDI in Moorhead/Dakota News Now

Here is the drone video of the Rapid City DDI project.

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