He talked to them all.  I mean, Ralph Emery talked with all the Country Music Star's (not to mention the country music artist's who weren't able to achieve that 'star' status).

Hundreds and hundreds of them on his radio show, and thankfully for those of us who had TNN on cable back in the 'old days', we were able to watch star after star sing a great hit, then meander over to a chair by Ralph's desk and talk about anything and everything.

The Country version of Johnny Carson?

OK, if you want to call him that.  For me, I loved how he'd bring on a country legend (think Haggard, Jones, or any of a dozen others), then introduce us to someone who's on his way to that status (think Travis, Jackson, Black).

How big was Ralph?  Well, if you're given a tribute that's hosted by Johnny Cash and Barbara Mandrell, that's pretty much all that needs to be said.



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