OK, here a quick quiz:

Name the top five female country star's ever.  I mean in the history of Country Music.

Go ahead, name them off in your head.  I'll wait.

Lah-De-Dah.  Hmmm.  I'm waiting...waiting....OK.

Chances are those names probably include Kitty WellsLoretta LynnDolly Parton in there?  And certainly Tammy Wynette.

Yes, there is no doubt that Tammy Wynette is a legend, and not just a female Country Music legend.  She may have started in the business when the ladies were called 'girl singers', but she became on of the biggest names to ever grace the stage, or the recording studio.

So many of her great songs are now country classics, while of course one has become a country music standard.

'Stand By Your Man'.

In this Classic Country Chat, Tammy sits down with Ralph Emery 'On The Record' talking about her first trip to Nashville as well as that song that became her signature.


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