In a sign of the times, retail giant Walmart is testing its first-ever cashier-free store. The test store just recently launched in Fayetteville, Arkansas and the reactions have been mixed.

On the store's Facebook Page, they posted a video on why they made this decision. The company is calling the new look a "Front End Transformation" and explains how they replaced all of their traditional registers with 38 self-checkouts. Numerous employees are on hand at the store to help customers with any issues they might run into. Whether it's a barcode not scanning correctly on a product, or needing ID confirmation for someone who's purchasing an "of age" product, the employees are on hand to help. And according to Walmart, it's working out well so far.

Walmart also says that zero jobs were lost in this "Front End Transformation", and also, waiting in line is a lot shorter than it used to be too. Some of their patrons have mixed reviews though. In the comment section on their Facebook Page, one guest wrote:

"Won’t shop when self checkout is the only option."

Another guest seemed excited for the change and happy with the efficiency during their visit, saying:

"Went through them this week, and loved it!"

Could this be the future of shopping? It certainly seems so. Walmart wouldn't be trying this out for no reason, and many stores in Asia (China specifically) have adopted this model. However, Walmart has yet to announce any other stores that will be transitioning to this model in the U.S. at this time. So, it appears the company is taking a 'wait and see' approach.

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