Vince McMahon long wanted to get into the world of professional football before the first running of the XFL. He considered purchasing the Minnesota Vikings in 1998.

One of the many podcasts that I listen to is called Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard. Prichard, also known on camera as Brother Love, was essentially the right hand man of McMahon stretching from the late 1980s until 2008 with a few breaks in those years. He has many stories regarding McMahon, and one recently came to light in the latest episode surrounding King of the Ring 1998. Heck, it even took me by a bit of a surprise.

Before the launch of first running of the XFL, McMahon had his eyes on getting himself involved with the NFL. One of those ways was by looking into purchasing the Minnesota Vikings when they were up for sale in 1998. Prichard openly talked about how they thought McMahon was a little crazy and that he thought the idea was for nothing more than extra publicity.

(Note: Audio regarding Vikings from 35:13-36:55. Some audio during the podcast can be NSFW)

The Minnesota Vikings were sold to San Antonio businessman Red McCombs for $250 million in 1998. McCombs would sell the Vikings seven years later to current owners Zygi Wilf.

McMahon would go on to attempt to run his own football organization in 2000-2001 known as the XFL. The league lasted one season, and McMahon announced in 2017 that he would bring the league back for another run starting in 2020.


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