I know you didn't see the 1985 Bears out there on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings and neither did I, but what I did see is a damn good football team who just beat the Tennessee Titans 25-16.

Think about what you saw: a road team, in the first game of the year, with a backup QB and multiple missed kicks from their field goal kicker and yet a nine point win.

You also saw a really good defense with a pick six and a fumble recovery for a touchdown to really aid the offense in a game that we all knew would be tough with Shaun Hill starting over Sam Bradford.

Adrian Peterson never really got on a roll and that inevitably will change soon. Sam Bradford should and most likely will start against Green Bay next week and that will make the offense so much more dangerous.

And for gods sake, I'm hoping for Vikings fans and their sanity's sake that Blair Walsh loses the yips this week.

Add that all up and throw in the Vikings return to Minneapolis next week for the regular season opening of the new US Bank Stadium, I'd believe the Packers will have their hands full dealing with a damn good football team.

Watch out NFL, the Minnesota Vikings are for real.

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