The death of two teens came to a shock of those in the Viborg-Hurley School District when two vehicles on a remote gravel road collided at an unmarked intersection. Two teens died and one has serious injuries.

One of the best thing about this part of the world is the sense of community, which was demonstrated by the mourning community as they started at Go Fund Me page and organized a fundraiser to help the surviving with expenses.

Sources say there were two vehicles heading home after a football game.  One vehicle included a driver and passenger, while the second vehicle had a lone driver.  It is believed the corner had limited visibility due to the height of the corn and the proximity of the rows to the ditch and roadway.  Two of the teens died while the third has serious injuries.

Authorities are cautioning during this time of the growing season to be extra vigilant while driving in areas of the country with unmarked intersections and limited visibility.

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