KENNEBEC, S.D. (AP) — Two Washington state men face drug charges after South Dakota authorities allegedly discovered over 10 pounds of marijuana in their car.

The Daily Republic reports authorities pulled over a car traveling on Interstate 90 driven by 22-year-old Yiel Woul. He was reportedly driving 2 mph over the speed limit, and a Highway Patrol officer allegedly noticed a strong smell of air freshener while the car was pulled over on Aug. 14.

Woul said he and 37-year-old passenger Joshua McLean were traveling to see McLean's family. Woul refused a search of the vehicle, but a police dog allegedly indicated drugs were inside.

The officer allegedly found 10 bags of marijuana, each weighing about one pound, and three THC oil cartridges. A lawyer for McLean declined to comment, while Woul's attorney didn't immediately return a telephone message.

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