It's not every day South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota make national news or become a highlight on a late-night television show. But one late-night host couldn't resist talking about this top story about a convenience store with a unique name.

"Kum & Go" recently made headline news after announcing the Midwestern convenience store will rebrand and change its name beginning in 2025. One popular television host was pretty heartbroken by this news.

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Disclaimer: This article might contain inappropriate humor for younger readers.   

Surprisingly, the host of The Late Show Stephen Colbert feels sad this store had to come...and now go.

During Colbert's segment called "Meanwhile," he talks about the general store dropping the iconic name after new owners acquired the company. His response? "Oh...that's it 'Kum & Go?' You've had you're fun and now you're just gonna leave? I've never felt so used."

Stephen Colbert was confused that no one from the company could confirm this news. He did say, "Someone familiar with this decision there was some concern about the inadvertent double entendre of the Kum & Go name..." Stephen then suggested the new name for the store could be...well not appropriate for this story (haha). Watch the video below around the 5:20 mark to listen to what Stephen's suggestion is.

In Stephen's opinion, he doesn't think "Kum & Go" should have to change their name!

'Kum &Go...' if you want to keep you're name (but make it feel less dirty), I have a suggestion. How about 'Kum & then maybe Stay the Night?' And the next morning you get breakfast. You find the conversation comes easily. Not like with all the others. And you realize how much you have in common....Before you know it's Christmas 2062 and you're surrounded by children and grandchildren...I'm glad all those years ago I didn't just 'Kum & Go.'

Stephan says the name is a work in progress. These jokes are risky and Stephen went for it!

You can read more details about the "Kum & Go" name change by clicking here.

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