There is nothing wrong about foregoing a glass of wine or a mixed cocktail over the holidays. Some people just don't drink. For those who aren't looking for the eggnog, there are fun recipes to create "mocktails."

For those who do not know what mocktails are, they are drinks without alcohol. It's all the juices and flavor without the alcohol! To give you some mocktail recipes, three great organizations just sponsored a Mocktails Mixoff Contest for new drink creations.

On Friday night, Health Connect, Live Well Sioux Falls, and Giving Hope Bingo hosted the annual Mocktails Mixoff Contest. The original story behind this event explains that the purpose is to "bring public awareness to the importance of holiday celebration options and to encourage local hotspots to add non-alcoholic drinks to their beverage menus." Entrants in the Mocktails Mixoff Contest even had a chance to win some money. But wait, there's more! You had the opportunity to play a few games of bingo at the Giving Hope Bingo hall while on a little sugar rush!

I had the privilege of judging the Mocktails Mixoff Contest. These seven drinks I tasted were sweet and refreshing! I would have declared them all winners if I could!

Take a look at this year's mocktails from the Mocktails Mixoff Contest. Which drink entices you to try it?

Sioux Falls Mocktails Mixoff Contest

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