There is definitely no shortage of entertainment at state fairs. But let's be honest. It's all about the delicious and crazy food options that are available to enjoy. At the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, you'll find your classic pizza and nachos. You'll also discover new, unique menu items you probably never even dreamed of eating!

If you're looking for alligator corn dogs, a chicken sandwich with a donut as the bun, and a baked potato filled with ribs and mac & cheese, then you’ll have to stop by the Iowa State Fair.

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This year the Iowa State Fair is featuring 53 new foods. That’s lot of food to try! The food list from the Iowa State Fair shares that these foods can be "sweet, salty, savory, strange, tasty, on-a-stick, on a plate, and in a bowl." This is truly quite an eclectic food list from the Iowa State Fair.

The following delicacies are some of the new foods you can sample at this year's fair:

  • Mac N Cheese Party Tray
  • The Finisher (Finalist for the 2022 Iowa State Fair People's Choice Best New Food contest)
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Wonder Bars
  • Spam Bacon and Egg Breakfast
  • Snake Bite Nachos
  • Elk Corn Dogs
  • Chicken Bacon Ranch Waffle on a stick
  • Sweet Potato Tatar Tots
  • Fried Olives on a stick (Interesting!)

An article from We Are Iowa mentions tweets from the "Good Morning Iowa" team who spent some serious time tasting the new fare available at the Iowa State Fair. The morning team even shares some of their own thoughts about the tasty additions to the menu.

These new foods are seriously making me hungry! You can read more about the new food at the Iowa State Fair by clicking here.


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