The evening of Monday September 26 was not a good one for Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump as he was Trumped.

It was clear from the beginning he was not prepared. Rambling, negative words without offering specific plans to fix what he said is broken, hurt him. Denial of words he had spoken on earlier occasions didn't help either.

Constantly interrupting Hillary Clinton and ignoring the moderators attempt to have him honor the previously agreed to time restraints, displayed a person wanting to control when he clearly wasn't in control of himself.

It would be easy to list all the times I think he messed up. There were plenty. CNN and PBS have done fact checks of his statements. You can access them if you wish.

One mess up which stuck with me was his attack on Rosie O'Donnell. We know he doesn't like her and vice versa, but why did he choose to attack her on the stage of a Presidential Debate?

He did it because that is his style. When uncomfortable, he attacks, without caring about the consequences.

There are two more chances for him to redeem himself. Based on his past words, and his performance last night, i think it is a long shot.

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