When it comes to topping your hot dog there are many different items you can choose. I for one am a simple guy, just give me ketchup and mustard. Some people are a bit more adventurous, adding relish, hot sauce, onions or a heaping handful of chili.

But what about peanut butter? Well there's a new trend of people putting peanut butter on hot dogs. Yes, you read that right! Photos of peanut butter on a hot dog are popping up all over social media the past couple of weeks. Just do a search, you'll see. Some people say they really enjoyed it. In fact BB Classic Dogs in Bellevue, Nebraska also added some banana, bacon, and a fried egg to one of their dogs.

Not everyone is completely sold on this new concoction?

So I guess we all need to experiment with this and find out if peanut butter belongs on the classic american hot dog.

Source: Food and Wine

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