All eyes were on the dark angry clouds rolling over Howard South Dakota on Tuesday (May 8) as threatening weather invaded the small farming community.

The National Weather Service has confirmed that indeed a tornado did touch ground. Meteorologist Todd Heitkamp from Sioux Falls described the twister. "It was classified as an EF-0." said Heitkamp. "There wasn't much damage to anything but open farmland."

The funnel cloud appeared as daylight was fading in the farming community.


The tornado was one of the first of the 2018 spring and summer season in the region.  Experts say although it may be tempting to gather at a window to watch in fascination as the storm rolls through, it can be a dangerous place due to blowing debris.

The safest place is in a lower level of a home, a center room of a home or business, preferably without any windows.

It is also advised to not try to outrun a tornado in your vehicle, but to stop and find a place of safety.

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