Everybody is now officially sick of winter. OK, maybe not everybody, but let's go with everybody for the sake of the story.

Ya know, thinking back, it didn't seem like November and December weren't all that bad. Heck, my kids and grand-kids made it up from Nebraska for Christmas just fine. But it's not November or December. It's late February. It's been cold and it's been snowy. OK, it's been a lot more than just 'snowy'. But there's things to love about this time of year, this late February time period. Here are 5 of them.

1) January Is In The Rearview Mirror. We don't have January (and for that matter February) to depressingly look forward to. Nope, they're in the rearview mirror, my friend. Only thing is, you'll have to scrape that snow and ice off the mirror to see it. But trust me, they're behind us...well, until next year.

2) March, April and May Are Just Up There Ahead. Go ahead, put these headlights on bright and you can see 'em. Up there, just a wee bit past the top of that snow pile is our ol' buddy March, and his best friends April and may are right behind him. Man-O-Man, it's been a while since we saw him! Run those windshield wipers, get that snow off, and wave a 'Howdy' to him. I know, he might have snow, too (in fact, probably) but most of the time he melts it pretty quick. That's why we love him.

3) They're Playing Baseball On TV. It's a good, warm feeling to sit on the couch, look outside at the snow and wind and sleet...and turn to the television and watch 'em play baseball! Oh, not real baseball, not baseball that really matters. It's spring training baseball, and it features a whole bunch of players I don't know, even on my Minnesota Twins. It doesn't count in the standings, so why would I watch at all? Because, it's baseball and that means spring and summer aren't that far off! Now, I have to put on my parka, gloves and stocking cap and make my way to the store. Sure hope that game is still on when I get back.

4) The Lawnmower Looks Like A Thing Of Absolute Beauty. It's magic. That's all I can think of. It's magic. The last time I fired up the lawnmower it was ugly. I mean it was hideous and I was sick and tired of it. Now, there it sets all alone in the corner of the garage and...poof!...it's beautiful! How'd that happen. I can't wait to pull 'er out, crank her up and have at that lush, green lawn. Maybe have a perfectly chilled ice tea right there, just outside the window. Oh wait, you can't see it 'cause of the snowbank.

5) It's A Short Month. Yep. Even the folks that made the calendar all those many, many years ago didn't care much for February. Oh, they love every other month of the year. Heck they gave all the rest of the month clan at least 30 shots at a day and a night. But they peeked at February, that lingering month of cold, snow, wind...and said 'Nope, not you!'. They said 28 days and nights were enough. Apparently there was one holdout in the bunch that wanted 30 or 31 like the rest of the month's, so I guess they compromised and said 'OK, ok, we'll drop in a 29th day from time to time'. So every four years we have to put up with an extra February day.

So if you're with me and ready to kick February to the curb, there's hope. The public outdoor swimming pools aren't quite open yet. But they will be.

Remember that. They will be.

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