We all have regrets in life.  How many of us wish we ate better than we do?  Wish we ate less?  Ate better?  Had more self control?

My bestie Patty says her 'Biggest Regret In Life' is getting 2 large German Shepherd dogs.  This week they are taking turns crapping on her living room carpet.

One thing I have observed is the woman from South Dakota, Minnesota, & Iowa seem to carry around an extra portion of guilt and regret.  I think it may be because of the long winters.

According to Femalefirst.com these are the Top-10 Regrets Women Have:

1. Not trying hard enough in school.

2. Not losing weight on a diet.

3. Choosing the wrong career path.

4. Not buying a house earlier.

5. Having sex with someone you shouldn't have.

6. Not being spontaneous enough.

7. Not being a good enough friend.

8. Not being a better daughter.

9. Not traveling before starting a family.

10. Not having children.

What do you think?  Are some of these on your Top-!0 list?  What is missing from this list?

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