The Daily Mail released the results of a study about flirting. Of the top ten, men use three or four of the techniques and women use one or two.

The Top Ten are as follows:

1.  Maintaining eye contact.
2.  Giving them a compliment.
3.  Making fun of them.
4.  Looking at them, then quickly looking away when they notice.
5.  Asking them for help.
6.  Complimenting them only on their appearance.
7.  Buying them a drink.
8.  Commenting about the place you're at.
9.  Texting them right after meeting them.
10.  Touching them. 

Now, I think most of these are tried and true options, but as most people know some of these can come off creepy.

Like maintaining eye contact. If done wrong, you just seem like a stalker. Or texting them right after meeting, seems harmless enough, as long as it's a nice getting to you know kind of text not an inappropriate photo.

While on my quest for knowledge on flirting, my research led me to this BuzzFeed video. It shows women using flirting tips from Cosmopolitan in real life situations.

Most girls discover Cosmo in high school, maybe junior high if you had cool parents, and then your mind explodes. You're shocked at all the different ways certain things can be done when you thought it was pretty cut and dry. It opens up a young mind, that is for sure.

Anyway, Cosmo's tips may seem good on the page, but don't always translate. See what I mean here:

Being single is hard, but somebody's gotta do it!

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