Last Thursday night, for the first time in what feels like forever, live music returned to Sioux Falls at the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center.  So who's an artist that can bring people together from all different backgrounds?  It only seems fitting that country superstar Toby Keith would be the performer of choice to headline this major milestone.

After numerous postponements due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Toby Keith finally took the stage at the Denny.  Let me tell you...he literally brought the house (and possibly the state of South Dakota) down.

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It almost felt surreal going to a live concert again.  It's always a goal of mine to attend at least one concert a year.  The last live concert I enjoyed was Country Singer Tanya Tucker’s show in Sioux Falls in late February of last year.  That was literally just a few weeks before the world paused.  To be able to attend a Toby Keith concert just as the world is crawling out of this pandemic was just incredible! It was the perfect show to welcome back live entertainment to the Sioux Empire! Why? Toby knows how to bring a crowd to its feet and to have everyone singing at the top of their lungs.

For anyone who didn't attend the show, I was able to document the big event with some photos and videos from the concert.  Take a look at life now at a concert with COVID-19 appearing to be "Beers Ago."

Hello Sioux Falls! The crowd was ready and pumped for a concert!  It felt like the entire Sioux Empire was in one room. I've missed this feeling.

Everyone was already singing along! Toby started big with this hit from 2011.  Everyone was already singing along!

"Beer For My Horses" is one of my favorite songs from Toby.  I wasn’t sure this song would be included on the setlist because it's a duet with the Country Legend and Icon, Willie Nelson.  But to my surprise, Willie made an appearance! Well...sort of.

It's Red Solo Cup Time! Toby's famous song about one little red cup took over Sioux Falls. Now, Toby's lips were moving throughout the entire show in a funny way. His little comments really made me laugh.

Toby asked the crowd to help sing-along.  The stadium erupted with voices, and it was such a beautiful sound. Sing it, Sioux Falls!

Toby Keith truly brought back live music to the heart of Sioux Falls.  His show is just proof positive we are one step closer to the end of what initially seemed like a never-ending pandemic.  Thank you Toby for giving Sioux Falls something to talk!

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