I love me a good cup of coffee in the morning. Ok, ok, I love me good cups of coffee in the morning, and just about any other part of the day.

So when I saw on The Sun website that the good 'ol coffee machine was a place to pick up the flu bug I was a bit startled. What are they sayin', the coffee maker is where the flu bug sits and waits for its next victim? I have to scram from my morning (and afternoon) cup of Joe? Now, hold on just a minute, Hoss!

Well, yes, hold on just a minute.

Turns out the story was mentioning the coffee maker as just one of several things to be aware of regarding the flu. The 'ol coffee maker is a place, among many, that germs can call home. It goes along with door handles, copier machines and just about anything else a number of different people touch.

Now, as far as keeping that flu bug at bay, the story says go ahead and take a sick day if you need to (your co-workers will somehow struggle through without you...and thank you for it), keep clean (especially those hands of yours), if you work at a desk, keep that clean and tidy too, and get enough sleep.

So go ahead, have that cup of coffee (OK, I will, thank you!) and stay healthy!

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