Have you ever walked into a restaurant, sat down, took a look at the menu and thought...

Oooh, that's spendy. (Spendy may be a South Dakota word, you may use the word 'pricey' or 'Holy Smoke, this place charges an arm and a leg').

Well, here's a spendy menu, and I don't mean the food, I mean the menu.

A menu from the first meal ever served on the Titanic has sold at auction for $140,000. You remember the Titanic. A beautiful unsinkable ship that, well...it ended poorly.

Anyway, an officer on the ship had given the menu to his wife before they left England. He thought it would be a cool souvenir. Turns out he was right. Four days after he gave it to his wife, the Titanic sunk after hitting an iceberg. (Well, you pretty much know that story).

By the way, the meal featured sweetbreads, spring lamb and various pastries.

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