I cannot believe almost a month has passed since I started with KXRB.  It honestly feels longer than this to me because I'm having a blast.  But, nothing beats introducing the "Triple Threat" tour at the Sioux Empire Fair on Thursday night.

Mark and I have been preparing for this evening for a while.  I'll admit getting on stage in front of everyone was really scary for me.  It's just different than being in front of a camera or microphone. What calmed my nerves was hearing the crowd and just feeding off their energy.

While at the show, I was able to meet with the groups before they took the stage.  Marty Raybon from Shenandoah is no different in person than he is over the phone.  He's a ball of fun!  Marty and bandmate Mike McGuire agreed the fans in Sioux Falls are electric which prepared them to light up the stage!

What a night it was too!  Mark and I were on stage at 8 o'clock to introduce Shenandoah, Restless Heart, and BlackHawk.  I think my mind went blank when I was in front of the crowd.  But I believe we pumped the audience for a night of hits!  I even brought out my seflie stick to capture some friendly faces!

If you weren't able to attend the show, I hope posts on social media made it feel like you were standing at the stage! Here are some of my favorite photos from last night's fun!  What are some of your favorite photos or moments from the fair?!

Credit: Christine Manika/Results Radio
Credit: Christine Manika/Results Radio