The former Bruno's Bar began the transformation into Backroad Bar-B-Q in the fall of 2014.

Fast-forward a few months and the sweet smell of wood smoke would begin emanating and the taste of brisket, ribs, pulled pork, and other delights would have people blowing up this place on social media.

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As a former butcher shop owner, Ron Eskens has bar-b-que in his bones and has set the bar high when plating up a rack of ribs or a monster-size pulled pork sandwich.

Once you get a taste of Ron's made-from-scratch sauce, start thinking Christmas gifts.


My wife and I have made a few trips to Ron's place. And when the two of them see each other it's like the former classmates just can't wait to gab.

And that's the vibe every time you walk through the door. Family, friends, and classmates.

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Backroad Bar-B-Q is only 80 miles from Sioux Falls, just over the bridge at Yankton, South Dakota. Known to the locals as South Yankton.

It's a hot spot for summer water lovers who are docked at Lewis & Clark Marina. Those coming off the Missouri River have easy access at the intersection of Highway 81 and 12.

And for residents of Yankton, a good stretch of the legs to walk the old Meridian Bridge for a plate of brisket and a beer.

I know Ron and his staff fills their calendar fast when it comes to catering. So, if you have an event in mind you better call soon.

JBW of Maple Grove, Minnesota
Really, really good BBQ - a great find
When visiting family in Yankton recently, we discovered this place online and had to check it out because it's so hard to find good BBQ in the Midwest. It's just south of Yankton, across the bridge into Nebraska. It was not a disappointment. Place looks like a lodge/cabin on the inside, appears new/newer. Full bar and nice menu with lots of meat and side choices. We have been here twice and enjoyed the brisket platter and pulled pork sandwich, along with the mac n cheese and baked beans - not to mention the awesome fried pickle coins - can't miss those! Quick, friendly service. Reasonable prices. Good food - tender, flavorful meats. We enjoyed ourselves, will be back, and highly recommend this restaurant.


Barbecue is perfection
Love love love this barbecue master, the food is spectacular, barbecue is just perfectly Seasoned and so is the rub.

Roadtrip anyone?


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