What is the state of our "work at home" society?

At the height of the pandemic, the phrase "I work from home" became so familiar that most of us didn't even bother to ask the question of friends and family. In fact according to WalletHub, at the beginning of this year, 20% of employees were still working from home.

As usual, there are some places which are more conducive, or shall we say supportive of people who work from home.

So how does South Dakota rank as a "Work At Home" haven?

Better than some, worse than a lot. South Dakota ranked 36th in this study.

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How do they determine this ranking?

The two very basic main categories that all 50 states and the District of Columbia were judged in were:

  1. Work Environment
  2. Living Environmnet

In the Work Environment category, South Dakota got a rank of 45th place. The factors considered were:

  • Number of employees working from home
  • Number of potential telecommuters-

Potential telecommuters are considered to be those in occupations classified as conducive to telecommuting: executive, administrative, managerial; professional specialty; technicians and related; sales; and administrative support

  •  Households’ Internet Access- These are homes with broadband subscriptions, and access to broadband speeds greater than 25 Mbps.
  • Cybersecurity or the number of internet crime victims per capita and how much was lost in these crimes

As you can see internet access was most likely the category that brought South Dakota's ranking way down, as internet access continues to be a problem in our state.

What are the positives for South Dakotans working at home?

In the second category- Living Environment - South Dakota's ranking was a bit better at 28th.

The reasons for this, believe it or not, had mostly to do with the price of electricity, internet plan costs, average home square footage, and very strangely- -the number of homes with swimming pools for sale in the state! So the more room you have in and out of your home- -makes it a good work from home, place. And a swimming pool doesn't hurt.

Wait! What?

Um, I got nothin'!

See the complete report at WalletHub.

Source: WalletHub

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